Friday, May 30, 2008


I know this is a poem and I know this is Friday, but this hardly qualifies as a "Poetry Friday" post.

A few weeks ago when Tricia got her pet turtle, I had writen this poem and she requested I share. I waited to share because it was actually submitted. In light of the fact it was not chosen, I'm sharing! No critiques please and be aware it's for very young kids.

Also, if you want to see a really good poem posted, visit Kelly Herold's blog (Big A, little a -- there's a link at the left).

Sea Turtles

Tiny turtles
Three by three,
Trudge through sand
Toward sunlit sea.

Tiny turtles
Two by two,
Tumble in
The waves so blue.

Tiny turtles
One by one,
Time to swim
Life has begun!

Jim D

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Okay. I try to limit my television watching, but my daughter is saying I "have" to get caught up with LOST by next January. "It has the best writing ever!"

Dad says, "As soon as I get caught up on my writing revisions." (I'm a writer -- when one thing is done there's another. Caught up doesn't exist, nor would I want it to.)

"But Dad, it will make you a better writer!"

Any LOST fans out there?

A little pictoral intro to my daughter in the form of a pic taken last week is at the top of this blog.
Jim D

Friday, May 16, 2008

Things I Did on My 3A B'Day

First of all, hexadecimal expression of my age worked better last year when I could claim being "39".

This morning I read part S E Hinton's The Outsiders on my train ride to work. She is receiving the Chicago Tribune's YA book prize this year and will speak at the Printer's Row book fair on June 7th. I've already reserved my free tickets. It's really interesting reading a popular YA book writen 40+ years ago. Much of the first chapter is Pony Boy describing his gang of friends one by one (in first person narritive). I don't picture that would happen today. I could be wrong. It's not that it bothers me -- rather I just think 2008 writing style is different. One thing I've also noticed is that her writing helps the reader to understand the era's lingo. For example, surrounding sentences make it clear when Pony says "the fuzz", surrounding text makes it clear Pony means the police. This helps make it clear to future readers who, unlike myself, did not grow up in the era. I like this -- it helps the book to remain more viable. I am getting old though --no reading on ride home -- forgot the book at work. I am enjoying the book and will report after June 7th on the presentation.

Dinner was Edwardo's Stuffed Spinich Pizza.

Presents included a new printer and a case of paper.

I did not win Mega Millions.

I did play Outburst and Dominoes.

I did have a GREAT day.

Jim D.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Simply the Best

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all moms.

This morning both of our adult twin sons gave my wife cards. Both were musical. They were bought totally independently. Both were a perfect expression of how we all feel about her. And you probably guessed by now....they were identical (the cards).

When opened, they sang out, "Simply the best. She's better than all the rest...."

As for my writing: It was a week off for home projects -- back to writing revisions this coming week.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This was the first week of directing my writing energy strictly at revision of When the Clock Strikes Two. I'm on leave of absense from my wonderful online critique group in order to have the time to actually put all of their suggestions to use in my MS. did I do you ask?? I'll give myself a B- on progress. I made one pass of the first five chapters and expect to do two more before going on to chapter 6.

My writing goals are minimal for this week. I have a Thursday night "Coffee Shop" SCBWI meeting, a Saturday Network Rep meeting and I'm on a home project vacation this week. The main project -- ceiling cracks in the family room. The secondary project -- putting those cabinates I aquired to use in the laundry room. Don't feel too sorry for me. Thursday's set aside as a fun day with my wife. Anyhow, I'll be back on task with CS2 next week.

Jim D