Monday, July 27, 2009

Best Man Toast

As promised, here is Mark's wedding toast to his twin brother and Laurie. This was a draft version and I know he added one line in the Batman section about every superhero needs a cape. There may have been other small changes.

Good Evening. On behalf of the entire wedding party, I would like to thank everyone for being here tonight to join Jason and Laurie on their very special day. I would like to thank both Jason and Laurie’s families for all of their preparations for this day as well. I also need to thank Jason for giving me the privilege of being your best man. Last of all, I would like to thank Laurie. Thank you for your patience with me while learning what it’s like to have a brother around to tease you.

For those that don’t know me, my name is Mark. Jason and I go back a long time. (About 9 months before he or I were born, give or take a few days). Our mom always told us that we must have been playing football in her belly when she was giving birth and I must have tackled Jason to get out first. Must have been a pretty good tackle, took him 15 minutes after I was out. Today, I really doubt it would be me tackling Jason, most likely it would be the other way around. Even though I am Jason’s older brother, I have always looked up to him. He has always been their as a guide for me and I will always appreciate all you have done for me.

For those that don’t know Jason very well, he’s quite competitive. Just ask any of the guys on our softball team, or better yet, the umpires in our softball league. Perhaps that competitive edge makes him and Laurie a good match. One of my first memories of hanging out with Jason and Laurie involved losing to the two of them in bags, ladder ball, and tennis (they could probably list about 6 other things they beat me in that day as well). You would have thought we were playing in the Olympics they took things so seriously. But it was that day, not too long after their relationship started that I realized they share something special. They truly do have a lot in common.

I have seen Jason through a lot in his life. Little league games, football games, sleepovers, school, homework, hanging out with friends on weekends, driving around aimlessly because we had nothing better to do, visiting each other at college, college parties. We shared bunk beds, late night conversations, ups, downs, and everything in between. I want you to know Jason, that through all of that I have seen you grown into an extraordinary individual. You are successful in all that you do and I admire that. I admire your determination, your drive, and your desire to always be better at what you do. That competitiveness in you really is a great quality.

And Laurie, some advice for you in regards to making Jason happy:
1. Bears games are sacred…do not interrupt them.
2. Golfing with friends and Softball are necessary for his health…they are great forms of exercise.
3. Love him and support him with all of your heart
I know you will take good care of him. As his brother, it’s hard to believe he’s married. I am very happy for him, and I hope the two of you see all of the love here with you in this room today. You are surrounded by family and friends share a lot of love with you. Take example in the love your families have for each other and for you. Harness that love and always show that love to each other and the family you will begin to build.

While I started writing this speech, many childhood memories came into my head, but one stuck out. Being a twin had its advantages. When Jason and I were little, we used to pretend to be Batman and Robin. I was batman, Jason was Robin. We would play Batman and Robin, watch the show, the movie. We even had pajamas that were costumes. Now these pajamas were the coolest things. They even had velcro capes in the back. There was one problem. When you’re 3 or 4 it’s hard enough to get dressed, let alone put a cape on your own back. Of course our parents would help us, but I remember we would always help each other out by attaching the capes to each other’s backs. We were best friends, still are. There’s not a thing we wouldn’t do for each other. Jason and Laurie…you are now in this together. If I could leave you with one piece of advice, it would be to help each other put their capes on. You can both be superheroes in your own lives, but if you don’t have each other’s backs, you cannot be that superhero. You need to look after one another, help each other heal when one falls down, live every day to the fullest.
May everyone raise your glass and toast…to Jason and Laurie, may you have a lifetime of happiness, good health, and good fortune.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Real Winning Toast

I've been speaking of toasts this week. Well, the real blue ribbon winner was delivered last night by Jason's twin brother (and best man) Mark.

Mark spoke of how he and Jason loved Batman and Robin as small boys. How they had Batman and Robin pajamas, complete with capes. How it was dificult to attach those capes to the velcro tabs yourself, so they did each other's -- as Mark relayed "your not really a superhero without a cape". He tied that to how as twins, they always had each other's back. I know I'm a bit biased, but it was the best toast ever. I'm not doing it justice, but if by chance Mark has the whole thing typed out, I will try to post it.

Mark (Batman) and Jason (Robin) were my superheroes last night.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Toast Decision

I've decided to include this limerick as part of my toast at the rehersal dinner for my son's wedding. I also offer it for poetry Friday.

There once was a girl from Munster
Who would marry the one I call "son-ster"
Now I need a great toast
But must be a good host
Instead of the usual "pun-ster"

Roundup is at Year of Reading.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Toast

Today is the day set aside to write the toast for the rehersal dinner for my son's upcoming wedding. Now I've looked at the "Complete Guide to Wedding Toasts", but nothing quite fits right. So.... I can do better.... After all I am a writer!

Here's part of the problem: It's a serious thing. If I wanted to be funny and really didn't like them, the task would be trivial. But we're talking about my son and the girl (woman) he has chosen to spend his life with -- two very special people.

So, it's time for my serious/sentimental side to show.

Do you think a limerick could be appropriate?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Digit Day

Did anyone celebrate Digit Day today at 12:34:56 7/8/9 ???????

My daughter the HS Math teacher pointed this one out to me this morning.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Writing Cleanup

I've spent a good deal of time over the last couple weeks cleaning up my MG fiction manuscript one last time before submitting. I'm roughly 50% done. Now having said this, most of you out there realize that my first sentence is an example of adult fiction -- once the other 50% is complete I'll wind up having it critiqued which means it should say "next to the last time". At that point I need to be ready to let go and move on to the next project.

Also, yesterday was spent cleaning out old writing papers and materials (from the coat closet). It actually feels good to get organized. Next step -- shredding old MS copies -- and the other 50%.

In other words, still making a little good out of my forced time off my foot. Had first bit of physical therapy today. It seemed to go okay.