Monday, May 14, 2007

A Missed Meme


I missed being memed last Wednesday by PJ Hoover.

Right now I'm reading LILY'S GHOSTS by Laura Ruby and listening to audio book DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY (adult nonfiction about th 1893 World's Fair in Chicago).

I started a writer's blog list. PJ is the first on it. Many more will follow.

Jim D.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

If You Listserv, Don't Away Message

Technology can be a wonderful thing! We can set up groups of people who all receive e-mails to a single address (sometimes referred to as a listserv). That listserv can preserve subject threads by sending replies back to the entire group.
E-mail itself has a lot of nice features. We can set up automatic sorting, filtering, signatures and even auto reply "away messages".
Let's ponder Listserv + "away message". Hmmm......
Get message from listserv.....your e-mail sends it back.......listserv sends it back to you and the entire group.....your e-mail sends it back again.......etc,etc,etc

I checked my e-mail at the end of my day from work or the 70 messages might have been 170 by the time I checked from home. (I moderate the listserv, so was able to stop the cycle but as someone commented "Good thing Jim wasn't out of town too!")