Sunday, April 12, 2009

2009 Danielson Easter Egg Hunt Help

Okay, my two kids still at home are 21 and 24, but still wanted an egg hunt. I hid 3 eggs. They found 2. This is their hint.

I greet the playfield
Edge to edge
While perched upon
A tiny ledge.

By the way, feel free to offer help in comments if the verse rings a bell with any hiding places you've used.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chicago Tribune Young Readers Book Reviews - April 11

Mary Harris Russell reviews three books about man's trip to to the moon. It's hard for me to believe it will be 40 years ago this July! I'm happy to see new books coming out about an exciting period in history that I lived through, but obviously the 5-10 year olds the books are aimed at did not -- nor did their parents in all likelyhood.

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Snow poem revisited

I notice a number of people visited an entry from two years ago. If you live in Chicago (or I'm sure many other areas that suffered the same weather fate), you know why.

I'll just repeat the poem here -- it needed a spelling correction anyway:


by Jim Danielson

Here's a fact
You really must know
I'm allergic
To all April snow


It's ugly and cold
It's slushy and wet
My shoe sprung a leak
Now I'm really upset

Grrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!
Oh that snow in December
Was fluffy and white
With soft flowing drifts
That glistened at night


Here's a fact
You really must know
I'm allergic
To all April snow