Saturday, May 12, 2007

If You Listserv, Don't Away Message

Technology can be a wonderful thing! We can set up groups of people who all receive e-mails to a single address (sometimes referred to as a listserv). That listserv can preserve subject threads by sending replies back to the entire group.
E-mail itself has a lot of nice features. We can set up automatic sorting, filtering, signatures and even auto reply "away messages".
Let's ponder Listserv + "away message". Hmmm......
Get message from listserv.....your e-mail sends it back.......listserv sends it back to you and the entire group.....your e-mail sends it back again.......etc,etc,etc

I checked my e-mail at the end of my day from work or the 70 messages might have been 170 by the time I checked from home. (I moderate the listserv, so was able to stop the cycle but as someone commented "Good thing Jim wasn't out of town too!")


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