Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Neglected Blog

Well, I can give you the list of things that have kept me from my blog and put everyone to sleep or I could blog something relevent or I could just anwer 4 x 4 Christine's meme.


Don't want to be rude..................

Okay......4 things in the past four years:

1) Learned what a blog was. My now 20 yr old daughter blogged for a year in conjunction with a contest she won for a short essay she wrote.......oh the prize was the Dell laptop she blogged with.
2) Became an SCBWI-Illinois network rep.
3) Changed genre long enough to write a PB (but not get it published).
4) Joined an online critique group recently.

Next 4 years:

1) Pass up my daughter's net writing income.
2) Get that PB and/or an MG novel published.
3) See everyone else in my new critique group get published (some great stuff out there).
4) Learn where on earth the term "MEME" came from.

Jim D.

1 comment:

PJ Hoover said...

My interpretation is that whatever I write in a meme is about "ME!".
Good goals! Very measurable and achievable.