Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Free Morning, Away From Home, Focussed Writing

Drove my daughter back to college yesterday morning. She had to be there for a 9AM seminar on TI calculator use in teaching math -- she was moving in to her apartment afterwards (with Dad's help).

Anyhow, that left me with free time to sit in my old Alma Mater's student union and WRITE.

I was able to crank out 500 words of new text and develop direction for this new section. I'm pretty excited about this new piece. It's actually the continuation of what was a 3500 word short story. It's definitely turning into a full blown novel. Subject: Ghosts and basketball -- it has "boy" written all over it. That's way overdue since my 2 WIP's have girl protagonists.

Hopefully those 500 words will spark 500 more on my train commutes these next three days.

Jim D.

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HipWriterMama said...

It must be bittersweet to have your daughter move back to college.

Though how wonderful about the new WIP. Good luck with it!