Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thanks Barrie Summy!!!

Thanks go out to Barrie Summy for the copy of Slam by Nick Hornby that I won in her book giveaway. It arrived today!

If you don't know, Barrie is a member of the class of 2K8. Her debute novel I So Don't Do Mysteries will be out this December. I can't wait to read it!

Visit her at:



PJ Hoover said...

I can't wait either!

Barrie said...

Hi Jim! Glad it arrived. And thank you for the mention!

Barrie said...

And thank you for the link! (Sometimes I'm just too trigger happy with the send key!) Hope you enjoy Slam!!

Kelly said...

Slam is a great novel,Jim. I really enjoyed it.

After you've read it let me know: Does the hero think like a typical 15-year-old guy? I felt like I was reading about a foreign country...

Jim D said...

Kelly, Barrie and Tricia,

Thanks for dropping by.

Kelly, I'll try to answer that question if I can somehow figure out how someone 42 yrs younger than me thinks. :-)

Promise to give an opinion at least.


TJBrown said...

So many good books, so little... yeah, you know the saying.

Nice to meet you Jim. Always enjoy mingling with others in the children's publishing world!