Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doctor Ted has arrived!

It's not every day I get a package in the mail with the return address from "Three Silly Chicks", in fact this past Tuesday is the only time it happened. I had the good fortune of winning an autographed copy of Andrea Beaty's picture book Doctor Ted in the Chick's latest contest! There was even a bonus gift -- a Dr. Ted prescription (for reading) pad.

Thanks go out to Andrea, Carolyn and Julia. A full review will follow, but if I were to do a one word review it would be "Funny!".

Jim Danielson


PJ Hoover said...

Three Silly Chicks! Who wouldn't love this name!
Doctor Ted sounds like a winner.

Patty P said...

Hey! Congratulations! What fun to win a contest. I love the Three Silly Chicks blog and I agree with Tricia--it's a great name.
Check my blog, I tagged you for a "Bit about You" post. Not sure if you have time for this kind of stuff!
Have a great day.

Jim D said...

The Three Silly Chicks are great! They're all Illinois writers and I've had the honor of meeting them all at various events.

Patty, I will get to your tag this week -- looks like fun.