Thursday, June 5, 2008


Part of the revision process for my current WIP is breathing a little more "life" into the text.

Along those lines, I'm looking at the possibility of my main character becoming a blogger and including said text in my manuscript. The novel is writen in third person. Obviously, the blog would be in first.

Okay...confession time...I'm not the best read person writing MG fiction. (I'd love to read more, but it's a time balancing thing.)

So, my questions to the kidlitosphere: Do any of you know examples of third person MG novels which include daily blogs or diary entries of the main character? Also, is this just a bad idea that popped into my head on the commute to work this morning due to the early hour?

I did get some writing associated with the idea on paper, but I'd love to read examples in recent novels (if they exist).

Jim D


PJ Hoover said...

Hey Jim, no idea on any examples. The blog thing and IMing does seem to be a trendy thing these days. Weren't some text messaging acronym books published recently?

Jim D said...

Yes, but I think the whole books were IMs.

I'm just looking for a way to make the text a little more 2008ish and at the same time give a little insight into the MCs head.

Danger is it may be too easy to info feed.