Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2 More Things I'm Learning After Darcy (Pattison Retreat)

1) Shrunken manuscripts can be good for searching for where things occur in the manuscript. I have a lot of ghosts that pop in to give my main character clues to solve a mystery. I picked all eleven out what would normally be a 120 page mss. in a 25 minute train commute, took notes and made a family tree. (I'd still be fumbling with the full 120 pages!)

2) I have a breakfast scene with no taste or smell sensory detail! Sure, there's conversation saying it's a special breakfast, but jeesh.....no sensory detail. It was obvious in about 2 minutes when I started using five color highlighters to mark the different kinds of sensory detail. (I'm definitely a visual person.)

There are other things I've been doing, but these two struck me as interesting.

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Trina Sotira said...

Glad to see you are progressing. You've motivated me to follow the Pattison way. Thank you!