Sunday, April 12, 2009

2009 Danielson Easter Egg Hunt Help

Okay, my two kids still at home are 21 and 24, but still wanted an egg hunt. I hid 3 eggs. They found 2. This is their hint.

I greet the playfield
Edge to edge
While perched upon
A tiny ledge.

By the way, feel free to offer help in comments if the verse rings a bell with any hiding places you've used.


Christine M said...

I thought "a curb". My son said "a fence". My daughter said "a swing."

Would we find the missing egg?

Jim Danielson said...

Chris: There are some things you weren't told. It was an indoor contest and "playfield" refered to the playfield for the game which was the ceramic tile kitchen/entry foyer/small bath area in the house.The reference to "if the verse rings a bell" was actually part of the clue meant for them. (Sorry) At each edge of the ceramic is a door (front and back).
The first sign of greeting someone is....the doorBELL). In the foyer is a flat plastic cover over the indented box containing the actual doorbell. The bottom of the box was the ledge. That's where it was. You had way too little info to figure that out.

Christine M said...

You notice that didn't stop us from trying.

Have a great day!

Sara Latta said...

Jim, I also hid Easter eggs--just two--this year for my 15 year old son and his friend. When my kids were younger, I also used to make up clues and riddles to help them find the eggs. That was so much fun!