Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Pictures from Anderson's YA conference

As promised a few pictures from the Anderson's YA Conference last Saturday.

"Local Treasure Panel": Cythia Liu, Claire Zulkey, Susan Fine and Daniel Kraus

I bought Susan Fine's book Initiation later in the day , but missed getting it autographed.

Gennifer Choldenko

Lisa Yee

Ellen Hopkins ... if I could write verse one tenth as powerful as yours.............

James A. Owen.... I tried drawing four lines on a page, but the dragon hasn't appeared yet. I know the secret, however, and will figure out where the others go.

Contemporary Panel: Jill Wolfson, Lisa Yee and Ellen Hopkins

Libba Bray


james said...

LOL! The four lines are just the start - it'll come to you, man...

Trina said...

Love the pics! And I still think you should continue w/ that novel in verse. Eye of the Tiger, Jim. Eye of the Tiger.

Jim Danielson said...

A novel in verse would involve a different kind of lines than those in the dragon sketch James A. Owen drew last Saturday. I actually finished a 6 stanza (8 lines each) verse somewhat in the style of Ellen Hopkins.