Friday, September 12, 2008

Poetry Friday-Original

My original intent was to offer up a light and airy children's poem this week. Frustration with politics (and the news surrounding it) has sent me in a different direction.


by Jim Danielson

I sit on a bench
Waiting for the train
The sun glares through the warming house window
Begging me to wake up
My eyes open wider and I shiver
Is it from the cool morning air?
Or the cold thoughts that plague me?
The heater squeaks its way out of summer retirement
A blast of hot air
The chill remains
Political rhetoric echos through my head
I shiver again and turn on my brain's spam filter
No more talk of change where there is none
No more justification of war as God's mission
No more lipstick
Still there are rumbles
Cool wisps from those around me
Wisps of bias -- gender, race, religion
Distractions from economy, education and war
Distractions from our destination
The bell clangs as the train pulls into the station
The doors open and the conductor announces the route
I hear my stop and step aboard
Finally, I am warm.
Did you hear your stop?
Were you listening?

I post this with reluctance -- I've never written anything remotely political.

Next week I promise light and airy for balance -- I promise.

Thanks to Jennie at Biblio File for hosting this week!


PJ Hoover said...

I abstain from all political commentary!
Could November just get here already?

Kelly said...

I hear you, Jim. This season has inspired a number of political outbursts all over the web :)

Thanks for the poem!

Lisa Chellman said...

I knew I wasn't the only one feeling this way, but I like your expression of it. Sometimes I wonder if I can take another two months of so-called election coverage.

I especially like the "spam filter" line.

Jim D said...

Tricia, Kelly and Lisa,

Thanks for visiting!

Lisa: Glad you liked the "spam filter" -- don't you wish we really had them?