Monday, December 1, 2008

Peep Video

Let it never be said that this blog is not receptive to the wishes of its readers. Exactly ONE reader requested the peeps video. Exactly ZERO readers requested it never be posted. So..... here for the first public viewing..... described by my wife during first take "that's disgusting".... I present NUKED TRIPLET PEEPS.

Oh, and thanks to Carrie for taking the bait.


PJ Hoover said...

Wait - they don't explode?

Lisa Chellman said...

Mmm, nebulous, bubbling mass of Peep... Disturbing yet somehow fascinating.

Tabitha said...

Too funny. I've never put peeps in the microwave, but I've put plain marshmallows in there. It's funny how they just expand into The Blob, then turn into a chewy, crusty mess. :)

Lisa Yee said...

Ah, lovely!!!

Jim Danielson said...

PJ: Maybe if they sat out for a week or two and got an outside crust... BOOM!!!
Lisa C: That first line you wrote sounded like the start of a poem.
Tabitha: Chewy?? Was I supposed to eat them?
Lisa Yee: Thanks for supplying the peeps! (And for stopping by!)

Trina Sotira said...

How torturous and ravenous and...and hilarious!
Peeps might need years of therapy now.
-Trina S.