Friday, February 27, 2009

Poetry Friday -- Original Lipogram: SCRABBLE

A few weeks ago Lisa Chellman posted a fantastic lipogram on her blog. The following week she posted a "Scrabble" poem (trying for max. average points per letter). My original for this week is a lipogram about Scrabble (with no attempt at high points).


I play my word,
Replace each tile,
Look there's a Q,
Drawn from the pile.

Now Qs are good,
Except near game's end,
When I'm missing,
Q's best friend.

They all are played,
And both blanks too,
No sole mates for,
A lonely Q.

My spelling's fishy,
As yew can see,
With Q's friend gone,
I'm in a tree.

But I'll charge ahead,
A fearless ram,
I'll prove the player,
That I am.

And Q-A-T,
Will have to do,
Scrabble's not as good,
When there's no ewe.

Roundup is at Mommy's Favorite Children's Books . Thanks go out to Karen for hosting!


Anonymous said...

Very, very funny. Thanks for the laugh.
Enjoy the retreat this weekend!

Kelly Fineman said...

Bravo! LOVED this one.

Jim Danielson said...

Jenn and Kelly, thanks for stopping by!

Lisa Chellman said...

Jim, life's been crazy so it took me a while to get back to this poem... but I wanted to say: love it, especially the fourth stanza, when the joke really kicks in!