Friday, February 6, 2009

Poetry Friday Scrabble Challange

Jenn Knoblock at Ink for Lit threw out the gauntlet to write Scrabble poems. The goal is to have the highest average letter score for your poem. Here's my entry:

An HP Ditty

Wizardly quizzes
Quidditch game flights
Phoenix quilled wand
JK's dazzling delights

Average letter score (title not included): 2.8194 (203 points; 72 letters)


Anonymous said...

Oh, awesome! You beat mine by a long shot.

Here's Jim: What could I write about that has lots of Zs??


Lisa Chellman said...

Wowie zowie, abracadabra, etc.! I think you win, Jim! Go you for finding all those marvelous wizardly (and high-scoring) words! :-D