Friday, June 26, 2009

Poetry Friday -- Lemonade

My original poem for today:


by Jim Danielson

A jumble of cliches

When life gives us lemons,
We make lemonade

We walk a mile in an other's moccasins
Or a hundred yards with their walker
One foot dangling in the air behind

If it doesn't kill you,
It'll make you stronger
I feel the strength
First and foremost
From the love that surrounds me
And second
From my personal lemonade
My writing.

Kelly Herold is hosting Poetry Friday this week :

Thanks Kelly!


Marinela said...

Your original poem is really nice, I enjoyed reading it. keep up the good work.

Lisa said...

This is so sweet, Jim (appropriate for lemonade, right?) -- and true. So much of life's crud makes great fodder for writing. I hope you're mending well!

Color Online said...

"From my personal lemonade
My writing."

Really like your closing.

Jim Danielson said...

Thanks Marinela, Lisa and Color Online.

Suzanne Casamento said...

Nice! Keep making lemonade! : )