Friday, January 29, 2010

Poetry Friday - Revisiting Poetry Challange

Last year on the first Friday in February Jenn, Lisa and I challanged each other to create poems with the highest average Scrabble point value per letter. We are making it an annual event and would welcome anyone and everyone to join the challange. I'm reposting my entry from last year to give you the idea. The one rule we've added is a minimum of 125 letters (which would have made my entry too short).

An HP Ditty

Wizardly quizzes
Quidditch game flights
Phoenix quilled wand
JK's dazzling delights

Average letter score (title not included): 2.8194 (203 points, 72 letters)

Links to last year's other entries: Jenn's entry

Lisa's entry

The 2010 Scrabble challange is next Friday (Feb. 5) for anyone interested.

This week Poetry Friday is hosted by Anastasia Suen. Thank you Anastasia!


Christine M said...

Great poem Jim! How fun!

Mary Lee said...

What a fun challenge for Scrabble lovers!

Jim Danielson said...

Chris and Mary Lee, thanks for stopping by!

Marinela said...

lovely poem Jim :)