Friday, February 5, 2010

Poetry Friday Scrabble Challenge -- 2010

Well Jenn, Lisa and I are making the Scrabble challenge an annual event making this the second annual Scrabble poem Challenge. The idea is simple -- write a poem/verse at least 125 characters long, attach the Scrabble point value to each letter, add them up and divide by the number of letters. This gives you the average point value per letter in your poem. The highest average point value wins. (but there is no prize). By the way, titles are not in the letter count.

I don't feel confidant I have the winning poem -- not enough "PIZZAZZ" -- I am sure I had fun!


Jazzy thumb moves
Quick gym jog
My exercise

Tequila buzz
Glazed over eyes
Liquids quench

Greazy, sleazy
Pizza pie
Veg bedazzled za
Oh my!

Line by line scoring:

132/396 (total) Average letter score: 3.000000000000000

Hopefully Blogger doesn't mess up the formatting since I'm scheduling this for 3 AM (in honor of the 3.000000000000) and the 3 original participants. All are welcome to join the fun!

I'll add links to this post tomorrow.


Christine M said...

Very cool! I've been playing a lot of Scrabble on Facebook with my mom - so I can really appreciate this!

Lisa said...

This is so cute and clever, Jim. Well done, and poetic license totally excused! ;-)

Anonymous said...

OK, OK. Once again I'm at the bottom of the mathematical heap. This should not surprise anyone.

Very funny, and great rhymes!

Kelly said...

I've never heard of the Poetry scrabble challenge! Good luck to you, and fun poem!!

Vivian said...

I think I'm going to take this idea and see what my kids will do with it. Math, writing and creativity! Thanks, Jim!

Suzanne Casamento said...

Mmm. I want delicious greasy veggie pizza now...

Jim Danielson said...

Thanks to all for stopping by!

Vivian: Glad to hear this is educational.

Suzanne: The Veg bedazzled za isn't supposed to be greazy/sleazy -- it's supposed to be healthy!

Lisa: I bow to the champ!

Trina said...

"Jazzy thumb moves
Quick gym jog
My exercise"

Keats and Shelley are surely bowing down to you!

Jim Danielson said...

Keats and Shelley are probably rolling in their graves that I call this poetry.