Sunday, April 22, 2007

Slow Start Sunday

Took the luxury of sleeping in this morning.....well 7:00 at least.

Slowing down. When I went to post Wiki changes yesterday, one of the writers had suggested the chapters are very short and that we should slow down and enjoy each one. I think the nature of the Wiki makes this an inherent issue. Most (possibly all) of the writers are published, have a book about to be published, are trying to get their work published, etc. Let me edit that -- they're busy writing their own things. The Wiki is a fun aside to clear the mind, so ideas may get thrown in rather abruptly at times. The group also (inherently) has a lot of imaginative ideas. I actually found trying to edit Chapter 4 kind of a first lesson in Novel Editing 101 -- hopefully when I look at what I changed (in a day or two) I'll give myself at least a B-.

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PJ Hoover said...

Funny! I actually slept in until 7:15 on Sunday. And I gotta say - it felt great. A nice change from my normal 5 am routine.