Sunday, April 1, 2007


This week marked a new children's writing experience -- I joined the group writing an online book on a site named . I was a bit nervous about tacking on my own plot directions as I wrote them on my commute to work. No need to worry though -- two sentences were added through the day calling for changing my text completely. (I've sometimes felt my own fictional characters do the same!) I sat at the computer that evening and wrote the changes on the spot. EEEEEEEK! An ugly first draft. I sent the text and added a bit over the next day or two -- and I waited.............waited...............waited................. (Nobody has made changes since)

This morning is when the "EEEEEEEK!" really occurred. I realised what a weak position I had given to the MC Moctor Fall. Not good. I patched a bit and hopefully this version will still look okay in a couple days.

Hopefully I haven't scared everyone off with a bad plot twist. The whole project seems like it can be great fun. It also should open our minds to accepting those twists our characters drag into our plots when we least expect it.


Kelly said...

Hey, I see you started a blog!! I'm going to go into the wiki tomorrow and do some writing too. And post on the blog.

So keep watching...

PJ Hoover said...

Ok, I'll try to throw another plot twist to the wiki world tonight unless revisions get in the way!