Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Two Great Sources of Writing Information

As we begin the new year, we have probably all made resolutions to improve our writing, health and happiness. I offer two places to gather writing info and potentially help out with the writing improvement category.

The first is the Class of 2k8 site. The class of 2k8 is a group of authors who are having their first book's published during 2008. I spent time last weekend looking at book descriptions/publisher with the thought in mind "What books are being accepted from new authors and by what publishers?" Also, I might add, two authors with books coming out January 8 are:
Liz Gallagher (The Opposite of Invisible)
Lisa Schroeder (I Heart You You Haunt Me)).
The second is Illinois-SCBWI's online newsletter. It contains a lot of good articles -- and there's also the one I wrote for the edition just posted (my first article contributed). You can find it in the "Fly on the Wall" section.
Happy Writing in 2008!


Jenny Meyerhoff said...

Hi Jim,
The Gary Paulson speech sounds fantastic. I wish I could have gone. Congrats on a great Prairie Wind article.
And from one Illinois-SCBWIer to another, thanks for mentioning the class of 2k8!

Jim D said...

Your most welcome!
Congrats on being part of 2k8!

Barrie said...

Thanks from me to for mentioning 2k8. I'm off to read your article!