Wednesday, July 23, 2008

15 Minute Poetry Recharge

I've sometimes found it helpful to change writing projects once in a while to recharge the creative juices while I do revisions. The problem is that I then get distracted from the main task.

Here's the new solution. Speed poetry -- speed recharge -- 15 minutes and judging from today, it works (for me).

I sort of got the speed poetry idea from Lisa Chellman's Poetry Friday post of July 11 with a John Keats sonnet he wrote in a 15 minute contest. Well, I knew a sonnet was out of the question -- getting literary takes me toooooo much time. I can get a bit goofy, however, spontaneously. In roughly 15 minutes, half my AM commute, I had writen eight lines about........Stop Signs. (Pretty goofy subject.) That left 45 commuting minutes during which I made good progress and I think the charge will easily carry through tomorrow and beyond. 15 minute recharge every few days sounds good and goofy poems as a byproduct!

Jim D


PJ Hoover said...

Recharge times are excellent. Maybe I should do something besides closing my eyes and taking a half hour nap. A fifteen minute poetry thing might work for me too!
Thanks, Jim!

Lisa Chellman said...

I'm glad the Keats inspired you and hope the charge works! Maybe I should try it, too. I don't have a problem plugging away at my prose day after day, but the idea of writing verse absolutely terrifies me!

Jim D said...

Lisa: There was a time that writing 1st person terrified me and now I love 1st person.

Just for the fun of it, try verse sometime! Showing other is not required.

PJ: Let me know if you try it.