Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Computer Sigh of Relief

A sigh of relief went up in the south burbs of Chicagoland......the hard drive from our computer that died last Friday has been successfully transplanted into another computer. I even got the case back together correctly with NO extra pieces!

Yes, we had backup, but is it ever 100%? (Correct Answer: NO)

Anyhow, a reminder to everyone to backup often, more often and most often!



PJ Hoover said...

Off site backup. I use XDrive.
And I email myself my WIP every night i work on it.
I'm so happy you got it back!

Kelly said...

I'm with Tricia. i don't know what my drive is called, but I use one of those!!

Yay for saving your work :)

Vivian said...

Glad the backup worked! This has happened to me before, so I use an external drive. I should e-mail my WIP every night too. Good idea, PJ!