Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pictures from Prairie Writer's Day

Last Saturday Illinois-SCBWI's Prairie Writer's Day. The day was fantastic! I share a few pictures.

Harold Underdown who spoke on the state of the industry with the his assistants "Mr. P" and the more upbeat "Mr. O".

Editor Martha Mihalick who spoke on "Character" (as in those in our books).

Editor Cheryl Klein spoke on "Plot".

Illinois SCBWI member and friend Carol Grannick spoke on "Learned Optimism" (right up Mr. O's alley). Jenny Meyerhoff assists with the signs.

Editor Carolyn Meckler spoke on "Voice".

Agent Jennifer Rofe spoke on "Revision".

Sharon Darrow, the Vermont College faculty chair for their MFA Children's and YA Writing, presented a wonderful teaching session.

Carolyn, Martha, Cheryl and Harold at the Mix 'n Mingle.

You can see more pics at Trina Sotira's blog (including one with me in it).


Kelly said...

Great pics! I was there as well. What an amazing day!

Tabitha said...

I have to ditto Kelly, what an amazing day! Wish I could have met you, though. Would have been nice to put a face to the name. :)

Jim Danielson said...

Kelly and Tabitha,
I stopped by Kelly's Blog and at least know the faces I need to look for. Sorry I missed talking to both of you. Next time for sure!

Sara Latta said...

Love that picture of Martha's head just barely peeking over the top of the podium.

Vivian said...

Sounds like a great day. I wish we had days like this in MA!

Anonymous said...
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