Friday, November 7, 2008

Poetry Friday: Original from the distant past

I was reminded a couple weeks ago by my wife how I have been writing poetry for a long time. I probably gave her a strange look, so she went on to remind me of the verse I wrote while we were dating that ultimately was on the front of our wedding invitations. Had I not taken a 25 or 30 year rest from poetry writing, I could have quite a collection! I share my til now untitled verse (from memory):


by Jim Danielson

Sometimes feelings are hard to say
The words I know just can't convey
The warmth that comes from in my heart
So I repeat the words
(That say but just a part)
I love you more than yesterday
And tomorrow's just the start

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Christine M said...

Jim - what a sweet poem! Your wife is a lucky woman!

Vivian said...

Oh, Jim. What a lovely, romantic poem.

Jennifer Knoblock said...

Utterly charming. And from memory, too! Keep building that collection :)

jama said...

Lovely poem!!

Lisa Chellman said...

That's incredibly sweet, in just the right way! My dad has a history of writing verses for my mom on her birthday and their anniversary. As a gesture of love, poems really can't be beat!